Wave Hunter Asia, leading adventure operator in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. We are specialize in adventure of kayaking, white water rafting and jungle ATV riding.

native Expert Guide

all our outdoor activities are guided by our local expert guide. The guide was born and rise in Sabah, and have a very high knowledge about the places.

unique locations

We conducted all the activities at very unique locations, to make sure all of our participants gain an ultimate experience and make them feel like homes.

popular landmarks

At certain activities, we operate in popular landmark. Rafting itself, the popular spots is in Kiulu and Padas river which we have our base in both place.


Do not feel as stranger, we always try our best to understand you. So far we speak multi language as Korean, China, English, and maybe soon France or Russian

Pupoular Adventure


Experience our ultimate mangrove KAYAKING! Available for sunrise and sunset and offer different route and experience! 


We offer various level of white water rafting from water grade 1 & 2 to 3 & 4 grade in two  different popular rafting location


Uphill and downhill, feel The Different ATV experience riding trough the Off-Road jungle track, with beautiful village scenery.


transportation within kota kinabalu area


Transportation outside Kota Kinabalu Area


Lunch meal/box


Photography service